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    A Recap of Anker's RE[Charge] Event and Its Resolve for Sustainability

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    On June 13th in New York City, Anker hosted its RE[Charge] Event, where the company's mission for sustainability took center stage and received enthusiastic response from top media outlets in attendance. The one-hour presentation (check out the livestream here) contained several show-stopping moments of new product reveals and exciting community partnerships—but the biggest moment of all came from Anker CEO Steven Yang, where, over a video presentation, he revealed Anker's official entry into the home energy market with the brand-new Anker SOLIX series.

    To get caught up-to-speed on Anker's renewed mission to provide energy independence for all, and to see what else Anker has up its sleeve with upcoming products across its brands, follow along for a recap of this incredible night filled with technological innovations that will surely recharge our everyday lives.

    he Anker RE[Charge] Event 2023

    Anker SOLIX: Lighting the Way Towards Energy Independence

    As energy costs continue to rise globally, our basic freedom to live comfortably and stay powered is facing an ever-growing existential and financial threat. Homeowners, apartment dwellers, and off-grid nomads need an answer to the energy crisis – and Anker Solix is rising to the challenge and ready to succeed.

    Driven by a mission to enable everyone, everywhere with energy independence and power on a sustainable future together, Anker Solix puts power back in the hands of consumers. At the RE[Charge] event, the first line of Solix home energy solutions was revealed, promising much greater accessibility compared to what's currently available for those who seek a solar-powered lifestyle.

    Home Energy Solutions for All

    Earlier this year, Anker Solix gave European citizens the RS40 solar balcony system, our first plug-and-play solution that allows solar panels to be easily mounted to any home, condo or apartment balcony railing. Serving as the perfect companion for this DIY solar installation, we are excited to follow that up with the Anker SOLIX Solarbank E1600.

    Anker Solix releases the Solarbank E1600 in Germany this year
    Available now in Germany, the Solarbank pairs with the RS40—or 99% of all inverters on the market—and allows for up to 3.2kWh of solar-generated energy to be conveniently stored in a battery and used if the grid goes down. Featuring a remarkable 5-minute installation and dependable LFP batteries, the Solarbank is the longest-lasting unit of its kind that allows any homeowner or apartment renter the opportunity to save a small fortune on their home energy costs – simply by plugging straight into any available wall outlet.

    Another star of the show is set to release globally next year - and it promises to give serious competition to the Tesla Powerwall. The Anker SOLIX All-in-One Energy Storage Solution is a completely modular and scalable solar battery wall that will provide homeowners with a reliable and accessible way to permanently cut ties with the power grid.

    Anker Solix unveils the All-in-One Energy Storage Solution

    Going anywhere from 5kWh all the way up to a staggering 180kWh of energy storage, this all-in-one solution can be upgraded or swapped out with LFP batteries as needed, is built to dependably operate for years in even the most extreme environments (from -20℃ to 55℃), and can power your entire home for days. Able to be controlled and monitored remotely using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ethernet, and even cellular networks, homeowners will finally be in charge of their energy needs with a system that allows for sustainable living on any budget or scale.

    Portable Power for Adventure and Comfort

    Another announcement during the RE[Charge] Event is the expansion of Anker's line of portable power stations that will now feature the Solix name. Internally, components remain as durable and long-lasting as ever – but the PowerHouse 757 and PowerHouse 767 will henceforth be known as the SOLIX F1200 and SOLIX F2000, respectively. These two power stations are part of the re-branded Flex Series, which offers sizable battery storage for RV living and home backup situations.

    Anker Solix Flex Series: SOLIX F1200

    Additionally, there is now the Anker Solix Camping Series, which features the more travel-ready power stations like the PowerHouse 521, PowerHouse 535, and PowerHouse 555, which are great for weekend getaways and outdoor adventures.

    Anker Offers Prime Charging Solutions

    The audience of tech enthusiasts was left in awe with several new product announcements that offer the kind of groundbreaking innovations in charging that Anker is known for. Here's a look at what was revealed.

    Anker Prime Series: Fast and Efficient Charging

    For traveling business workers and busy content creators, the need to keep devices always charged is essential – but it's even better when you don't also have to lug around extra power adapters. Anker is excited to release the Anker Prime series later this July, an evolutionary lineup of our multi-port and fast-charging accessories to keep your electronics powered on.

    Utilizing the revolutionary efficiency of Gallium Nitride, Anker's GaNPrime™ technology continues to play an essential role in downsizing the power adapters consumers are used to, while simultaneously making them even faster. Anker's GaN chargers are 30% smaller than traditional silicon-based chargers, a fact that makes them not only more portable but more sustainable as well. This reduction of plastic materials and energy loss is a driving factor in Anker's push for sustainability, and we are thrilled to be the industry leader in pioneering GaN technology.

    Anker 749 Charger offers 250 watts of total power output

    Proof of point, the new Anker 749 Charger will allow you to ditch the heavy power brick and enjoy 240 watts of charging through three USB-C ports and a USB-A port. At roughly the same size as Apple's 140W power adapter, you can replace that one and still deliver power to another laptop, an iPhone, or an Apple Watch without the need for additional chargers.

    To stay charged on-the-go, your devices need a power bank. But what about ensuring your power bank stays charged? That's where the new line of Anker Prime Power Banks comes in, which can be paired with a 100W charging stand that allows for wireless charging on your desk for easy access.

    Each of the three Power Bank models is a compact and portable multi-charger, with the new Anker 737 Power Bank capable of delivering a whopping 250W of fast charging. But you'll never have to worry about a dead battery again, as the 100W charging stand offers a sophisticated and accessible place for your Power Bank to always rest when not in use. Plus, you can even grab the charging stand for on-the-go charging as well, because it performs double duty as a power bank with 3 extra USB ports!

    Anker 737 Charger offers smaller size and more efficient charging

    Improvements in size and efficiency continue with the new Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 67W) and Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 100W), which drastically reduce the size of comparable chargers you'll find from other brands. Delivering high-speed charging and compatible with just about any brand of device you can think of, these GaNPrime chargers are all you need to throw in a travel bag (or pocket!) to keep your personal devices charged wherever and whenever.

    And for a sleek office setup at home or in hotel rooms, the Anker 728 Charging Station is an ultra-thin power strip that offers 140W of power for multiple devices – and it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! A smart digital display is a welcome upgrade, which conveniently shows output and charging status for all 4 devices that can be simultaneously powered.

    Anker Reserve Power Bank

    Get ready to hit the outdoors and live charged! The new Anker 548 Power Bank is available now and ready to keep you sustainably charged on adventures. As a much lighter and stripped down version of a portable power station, the Anker Reserve has 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, and a massive 60,000mAh LFP battery that can be easily towed on your travels thanks to a grab handle. Plus, the XT-60 connector allows a solar panel of 10–24 volts to provide unlimited and sustainable power to the device when off-grid.

    Anker 548 Power Bank is the ultimate power bank for the outdoors
    Alt text: Anker 548 Power Bank is the ultimate power bank for the outdoors

    Staying safe and secure outdoors is a concern that's also been thoughtfully addressed, as the Anker 548 sports a pop-up, retractable light to guide your path in the pitch-dark, as well as an SOS signal that's easily engaged with a dedicated button.

    Taking Charge of Sustainability

    A major highlight of the night's event, Steven Yang addressed the many initiatives Anker is making to power on a more sustainable world for current and future generations. With eco-innovation at the heart of what drives the company, Steven reminded everyone that more efficient products—such as those using GaN for smaller sizes and less energy loss—make a huge positive impact on the environment.

    Citing Anker's ongoing "Recharge the Future" initiative, we are proud to share that the massive reduction of plastic in Anker's packaging has saved 10 tons of waste in 2022 alone—but we're not stopping there. By 2027, Anker will be completely plastic-free in all of its packaging.

    Yet alternative materials to plastic do not have to sacrifice the durability of Anker's products, as Steven assured the audience. Anker's line of bio-based cables, for instance, uses plant-based materials like corn and sugar to reduce petroleum consumption by 30–40%—yet they are built extremely tough and feature a 20,000-bend lifespan of daily use.

    Powerful Partnerships: Anker x Oceana

    Plastic reduction is a priority, but it cannot be solved alone. The stage then welcomed Beth Lowell, Oceana's Vice President for the United States, where she shared details of her organization's efforts to restore the world's oceans to their former abundance and biodiversity - and how Anker is helping to support that mission.

    As Oceana's recharge partner, Anker will support campaigns to reduce plastic pollution and protect marine life, and the company's financial contributions will help Oceana engage the public and build support for policy changes. One such example is the power station and solar panel Anker sent to Oceana's team in Juneau, Alaska to provide remote power for outreach events as they campaign to protect 500,000 square kilometers of the Gulf of Alaska seafloor.

    Beth Lowell of Oceana at the Anker RE[Charge] Event 2023

    In honor of National Ocean Month, Anker is proud to partner with Oceana in their mission to restore the ocean, ensuring a billion people can enjoy a healthy seafood meal every day. Together, with the help of audience members in-person or over the airwaves, we're confident we can recharge ocean health and abundance.

    Empowering the Community

    Recharging the future starts with empowering the community—and Anker showed its continued commitment to support the everyday lives of workers and families by sharing the stage with Michael Peters of KOA and Steve Melton from the Boys and Girls Club.

    Michael began by enthusiastically announcing to the audience that the Get Out There Adventure Bag Program has officially kicked off! With the help of a sponsorship grant from Anker, hundreds of youth across the country will receive an adventure bag, which, coupled with outdoor education and real-life experiences in nature, is a game-changer for kids who need access to the outdoors.

    Steve Melton, the CEO of the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club in New York, shared his insights on the program's importance and its potential impact on youth. Having served the youth of New York City through the Boys and Girls Club for over 50 years, Steve highlighted the mental health challenges faced by young people, especially since the pandemic. He emphasized the transformative power of nature and outdoor experiences in improving mental health.

    KOA and the Boys and Girls Club onstage at the Anker RE[Charge] Event 2023

    The Boys and Girls Club was eager to add more outdoor programming but recognized the gap that existed for kids who lacked the right education or equipment to fully enjoy their outdoor experiences. The "Get Out There Adventure Bag" program was the perfect solution, and the team was thrilled to be one of the founding recipients. This program is helping to bridge these gaps, and Anker is immensely proud to help get kids outdoors and fall in love with all that nature has to offer.

    More Tech Innovations from Anker

    Finally, the night wouldn't be complete without some exciting product revelations that are sure to satisfy fans of Anker's Soundcore, Eufy, Nebula, and AnkerMake brands.


    The new Nebula Mars 3 was introduced at the Anker RE[Charge] event

    Anker's entertainment brand, Nebula, has always prioritized portability since the launch of our first Nebula Capsule projector in 2017. We're thrilled to introduce the Mars 3, the first truly outdoor portable projector. This super long-lasting smart projector boasts full HD 1080p video projection with up to 1,000 lumens of brightness, IPX3 water and dust resistance, and an incredible battery life of up to five hours. The Mars 3 also doubles as a portable power station, capable of charging your phone or powering a small USB fan. Pre-installed with Android TV 11, the Mars 3 offers a wide range of content from over 7,000 apps. The first truly outdoor portable projector is available now for pre-order.


    Soundcore Liberty 4 NC was featured at Anker RE[Charge]

    Since 2018, Soundcore has been committed to bringing headphone-like performance to the true wireless space. We're excited to introduce the Liberty 4 NC, our next-generation true wireless earbuds. These leverage the sound quality of our flagship Liberty line - but now allow users to adapt to life's changing environments, blocking out up to 98.5% of external noise with adaptive ANC 2.0 technology. They offer 10 hours of playtime and an astonishing 50 hours with the wireless charging case. Soundcore is also committed to sustainability, reducing plastic usage in Liberty 4 NC's packaging by 98%. They'll start shipping on June 29.


    Eufy X9 Pro introduced at Anker RE[Charge]

    Eufy Clean has always been focused on affordable cleaning solutions. We're thrilled to announce the U.S. launch of the X9 Pro robotic vacuum and mop. This device offers an unrivaled cleaning experience with multi-surface capability, enhanced AI mapping, powerful 5,500 pa suction, and a new hands-free, dual rotating mops system. The X9 Pro intelligently cleans your floors and takes care of itself, returning to its base to clean and dry itself once it's done. It's available for purchase on Eufy's website.

    Eufy Security unveiled its next-generation Edge security ecosystem, the HomeBase 3, designed to centralize all Eufy security devices within a single hub. It delivers advanced facial and body recognition, provides up to 16 terabytes of expandable local storage with no monthly fees, and sends daily security briefs to the user through the Eufy Security app.


    The AnkerMake M5 on display at Anker RE[Charge] Event 2023

    Last year, with the help of a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, we reintroduced our AnkerMake brand as well as our very first 3D printer, the M5. We've been working with our vibrant and vocal user base to improve the M5 user experience, particularly the M5's built-in AI camera monitoring. We're also excited to announce that our V6 color engine, a printing accessory compatible with the M5 printer that allows makers to print with as many as six different colors, will begin production in September and start shipping as early as October.

    Charging Towards a Sustainable Future: Wrapping Up Anker's RE[Charge] Event

    As the RE[Charge] Event came to a close, it was clear that Anker's commitment to sustainability and technological innovation is stronger than ever. From the unveiling of the Anker SOLIX series to the introduction of the Anker Prime series, the event was a testament to Anker's unwavering dedication to creating products that not only enhance our lives but also contribute to a more sustainable world.

    The event also highlighted Anker's dedication to community partnerships and its belief that sustainability is not just about creating eco-friendly products, but also about fostering a community that values and works towards a sustainable future.

    If you're as passionate as we are about the future of Anker and want to join the conversation, we invite you to participate in our online community. Let's continue the discussion, share ideas, and work together towards a more sustainable future! And don't forget to stay on top of all the latest Anker products by checking in frequently on