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    Tips & Essentials Needed for Living in Your Car Comfortably

    • 7 min read

    More people prefer the freedom to travel whenever they choose, whereas some individuals choose to downsize and begin living in their vehicles. To live properly in your car, you must understand certain things.


    In most places, living in your car is not against the law, but you must know many cautions. You must have car accessories that would benefit you, where to park, a place to cook and eat, a place to store your clean and dirty clothes, and—most importantly—a power source that won't deplete your batteries.


    Before deciding if living in your car is really for you, let's examine everything you need to know and all essentials needed for living in your car in this article, including its advantages and disadvantages.


    How to Live Comfortably in Your Car?

    Car essentials are the top priority. To live comfortably in your car, it’s best to be prepared for unforeseen events like running out of batteries, getting into an accident, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and becoming ill while traveling and exploring. So you must prepare the necessary items for these emergencies. Below we have listed where to park, things you need in your car, and how to best rest in your car in the hope that you will be better able to help you enjoy your car life.

    Where to Park?

    Although living in a vehicle is not illegal, you must be aware of your rights and restrictions. In some places like Queensland, sleeping in a vehicle is prohibited. However, there's no cause for alarm, as the majority of states and countries are considerate of this act. You may park in the following areas:


    1. Truck stops: These are top spots to stay the night, built for tired drivers to rest. In addition, you’ll have access to stores, showers, and toilets

    2. Public Parks: Most public parks are free, and many people living in their cars choose to stay here, but it’s best not to stay in one area for too long and move from time to time not to look suspicious.

    3. Welcome Centers: where most tourists stop for pictures, it is expected to be filled with parked cars, perfect for an overnighter.

    4. In Front of a friend’s house: if that friend consented and their street also permits residents to park on the side of the road.

    5. Check through Apps: You can also use some apps today to help find an appropriate place to park your car. Anyway, being cautious of your surrounding is the key to getting the perfect spot to park. Remember that your safety always comes first.

    How to Rest?

    Now that you know precisely where to park, your next concern is finding a comfortable sleeping position. Comfort varies on the vehicle you drive. A larger car equates to more space, and a smaller one is less comfortable. However, some essentials can help a lot for a comfortable resting.


    1. Portable Air Mattress or Sleeping Pads: Your sleeping experience will be the most comfortable if you have a big portable air mattress. It's like an actual bed giving you more space for a more stable set-up.


    2. Wearable Blankets or Heated Puffy Blankets: When driving a sedan, the situation changes, and these blankets can adjust to your body's position and not take up more space.


    3. Curtain: Consider adding a curtain for privacy and security if your windows are not heavily tinted.


    4. Earplugs: Sleeping in your car may be very noisy, so if you want to sleep, we advise you to have pair of high-quality earplugs.

    5. Locked doors: Even in a house, you should lock your doors for safety purposes.



    How to Cook?

    You will get hungry along the road, and you can't always buy ready-to-eat food because that would be expensive, contradicting the very purpose of spending less, living in a car. What's something you keep in your car just in case you want to cook wherever and whenever you want? We advise you to focus on things with two or three functions to save space. Here are some essentials you can bring to cook in the car.


    1. A pot and pan: A pot that can be used in many cookings, like pasta, soup, and rice. A pan for frying on-the-go foods.

    2. Utensil: Having a pair of utensils is enough. A mug that serves your coffee and acts as a bowl for your soup. In case you have asked a friend to join you, a couple of plates, a fork, and a spoon.

    3. Portable stove: Purchase a portable stove powered by either electricity or butane.


    4. Water Jug: It's a must to have access to clean water at all times, and a compact and durable water jug should always be present.

    5. Cooler: Size depends on the space left; you should have a cooler to keep your frozen goods and cool your beverages.

    How to Stay Powered Up?

    In this era, everything is powered up, and having your own emergency power supply is an advantage, even more so now that you live in your car. Do prepare various backup power for daily life or emergencies.


    1. Power bank: Portable power bank is the most convenient and ideal choice for people in their cars. It is easy to carry, compact, and extremely useful when there is a sudden lack of power.


    2. Power station: A power station is a device that converts the power from your car’s battery into DC electricity, similar to a generator. It can provide clean energy for powering up devices and appliances.

    3. Solar Generator: A solar generator is a device that converts the energy from sunlight into DC electricity, similar to a power station. It is environment-friendly and very efficient when it comes to powering devices in your car. You can use a solar generator to power your phone, laptop, or tablet. This can help you stay connected to the outside world and work remotely if needed. A solar generator can also power small appliances such as a mini-fridge, electric cooler, or portable heater. This can make your car living experience more comfortable by allowing you to store and prepare food and stay warm in cold weather.


    Consider getting an Anker 757 Solar Generator, which is combined with Anker 757 PowerHouse and Anker solar panels, choose the number of panels according to your need. This heavy-duty solar generator with 1229Wh capacity and 1500 wattage will never fail you.


    Other Tips for Living in Your Car


    You should be aware of some additional information. Living in a vehicle should be pleasurable, not a daily struggle. Here are some additional tips to help you live more enjoyable.


    1. How to Shower: Even if you live in a car, you should not neglect your hygiene. You'd be surprised by the number of showering locations. You could shower at a truck stop or rest stop along the highway. There are also inexpensive or even free public showers. If you want convenience, you could sign up for a gym membership and have access to it whenever you need to freshen up.


    2. Have a Storage Box: You should consider modifying your vehicle for cabinets to make everything in order, but if money is short, a box is enough. Just make sure that you separate dirty ones from new ones; otherwise, your car will be smelly and messy.


    3. Use of Tent: Having a tent that you can use whenever you want to enjoy the moment is fantastic. An easy-to-install canopy or a traditional camping tent is a good choice.


    4. Prepare Emergency Kit: Be prepared for emergencies by stocking usual over-the-counter medications and a first aid kit.


    5. Keep Connected: A Simcard for data is an essential thing to carry. In today's digital world, staying online is akin to a lifeline, particularly when traveling to an unfamiliar location. You can find a phone provider that helps you save money on data purchases.


    6. Portable Wifi on the go: A resilient and high-frequency portable router/Wi-Fi to connect all your other internet-capable devices. In today's digital world, staying online is a necessity, especially in unfamiliar locations.


    Living in a car is a personal choice, but this kind of living is easily tiring, particularly if you are doing so due to financial difficulties. However, understanding what you're up against beforehand is advantageous. Regardless of your motivations, your efforts to make your car home and enjoyable consist of providing yourself with the essentials needed for living in your car. So make good preparations following our guide here, and remember that you are the master of your life.

    FAQ About How to Live Comfortably in Your Car?

    Can you save money living in your car?

    A resounding YES! There are no monthly mortgage payments, no property tax, and, most importantly, no outrageously expensive home maintenance. If you are visiting from out of town, you are not required to check into costly lodgings. Yes, you can save gobs of money by living in your car. However, you should also bear the other side of the coin. That is, it may be not as comfortable as you live in a house.

    How can I live in my car while traveling?

    Living in your vehicle while traveling can be an exciting experience. You may live in your car while you're on the road by stocking it with supplies and essential things to keep in your car for unforeseen events. Plan a place to bathe, sleep, store your belongings, and store your food.

    What should you not do when sleeping in your car?

    Some things you should avoid include:

    1. Never park along the roadside for your own safety.

    2. Try to create a flat and long enough space to sleep, which is good for your blood circulation.

    3. Be educated that vehicle exhaust emits carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions if the air conditioner is on, which can instantly kill an adult. So don’t leave your car or air conditioner running during sleep.