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    Everything You Need to Know About a Portable Power Station

    • 6 min read
    Anker Portable Power Station


    It's one of those chilled weekends after a long tiring week. You've reached the camping site, constructed the tent, and are ready to prepare dinner for the family. Now's the perfect time for some camping music.

    But to your dismay, the Bluetooth speaker ran out of power, and there's no way you're risking your only power bank to set the vibe.

    So you've just found yourself in a situation where you'll need a portable power station to save your outing. For those of you who still aren't familiar with the term, let's dig deeper.

    What is a Portable Power Station?

    Portable power stations have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are essentially high-capacity portable battery packs that can charge many devices and small applications via a rechargeable battery. That means you don't require any fuel to keep it running.

    Portable power stations generally have a combination of AC outlets, DC outlets, USB-C outlets, USB-A outlets, and car outlets. With these, it's now easier than ever to stay close to a source of power.

    Why Do You Need a Portable Power Station?

    From the most rugged expeditions to a family camping trip, keeping all your gears charged and ready enables you to explore without limits. Here are some other reasons why owning a portable power station is beneficial:

    1. You Spend a Lot of Time on the Road

    If you love camping or going on adventures, owning a compact and portable power station can come in handy when you have no accessible outlets.


    2. Charge All Devices and Small Appliances at Once

      Compared to a power bank, portable power stations have much higher capacity to charge all your essential devices wherever you go. Time to get rid of clunky adapters and cables!

      Anker Portable Power Station


      3. Continuous Power During Blackouts and Emergencies

        Want to be prepared for a power shortage at home and survive a blackout? It always pays to be equipped with a portable power station. Having one will allow you to continue carrying out daily activities like cooking or keeping your essentials powered up.

        Anker Portable Power Station


        4. Rechargeable and Green

          Unlike traditional gas generators that pollute the environment, portable power stations provide clean and sustainable power for extended periods. They can also be charged via solar panels, too.

          Anker Portable Power Station


          What Should I Look for When Purchasing a Portable Power Station?

          We've put together 5 main factors you'll need to consider when purchasing a portable power station. As you shop around, paying close attention to these features will help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

          1. Choose the Right Capacity

          It refers to the size of the battery in terms of how much electricity it can provide and is measured in watt-hours (Wh). The higher the capacity, the longer it can charge your devices!

          If you have lower power requirements to charge only your phone, tablet, or laptop, you can opt for a smaller capacity portable power station between 200-300Wh. For a longer trip like a weekend getaway where you'd like to cook and make coffee in addition to using your personal devices, getting a mid-range portable power station that's around 500Wh would be ideal.

          For those who are into vanlife or are constantly living off-grid, getting a power station with over 1000Wh can support your tools and devices. And of course, to prepare during a foreseeable long power outage such as during a snow storm.

          2. Go for Longer-Lasting Batteries

          A long-lasting power station is important as it is going to power your essentials on a long journey or during a power outage. The first thing to look at is the battery cell which is the core component of a portable power station. 

          You'll want to make sure it is equipped with LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate, or LFP) batteries at the core for a much longer lifespan and enhanced safety. They are typically used for high powered applications such as electric vehicles, power tools, and radio-controlled (RC) cars.

          LiFePO4 batteries last significantly longer than NMC batteries that's typically used in portable power stations. They are able to provide 3,000 charge cycle versus the industry average of 500. This means your power station can last for years without losing its capacity. Ever had a phone that died shortly after a full recharge? This is because its battery has aged and lost capacity. You definitely don't want your power source to die out half way on a trip or during an outage. 

          Another advantage of LiFePO4 batteries is that it's super safe to use thanks to better thermal and structural stability. That is to say LiFePO4 batteries are incombustible and can withstand high temperatures without decomposing. This is something lead acid and other battery types don’t offer.

          3. Durability

          Get a portable power station that is built for the great outdoors and has a unibody design that offers rugged and sturdy construction. That way, it is always ready to go with you on your next great adventure.

          4. Good Build Quality

            In addition to the use of safe batteries with a tough exterior, look under the hood. Make sure your portable power station has an interior that consists of industrial-standard electronic component and high-quality materials.

            5. Number of Ports

              Getting a portable power station that comes with sufficient ports is important for meeting your off-grid power needs. For instance, if you tend to charge appliances more often, you may opt for one with extra standard outlets.

              The Anker 757 PowerHouse is equipped with plenty outlets to power up to 13 devices simultaneously

              The Best Portable Power Stations for Outdoors and Emergencies

              If you're an outdoor enthusiast or someone who wants to prepare for the next disaster, you need a reliable power source to run all your essentials and stay connected to the world. And to do so, you'll have to invest in a high-quality portable power station.

              • Anker 521 PowerHouse - 256Wh |

              Anker 521 PowerHouse - 256Wh

               With a 256Wh cell capacity, Anker 521 Portable Power Station is designed to power small devices like your phone, laptop, or anything with a USB-C port. It comes with 2 AC ports, 2 USB-A ports, a 60W USB-C PD port, and a car outlet so you can charge 6 devices at once. In addition, a built-in LED light on the front panel provides added convenience wherever you take it—perfect for a weekend getaway or an ideal companion in case of an emergency.

              As to why it is the most durable portable power station to date, the portable power station is equipped with premium LiFePO4 batteries that have a 6-times longer lifespan. The power station also comes in a drop-proof unibody structure with a seamlessly integrated handle and industry-standard electric component—all to withstand any adventure.

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              • Anker 535 PowerHouse - 512Wh |

              Anker 535 PowerHouse - 512Wh

              Anker 535 Portable Power Station can power a good deal of devices that are under 500Wh. 4 AC outlets, a fast-charge USB-C port, 3 USB-A ports, and a car outlet allows you to power 9 devices at once! Like the former model, this power station is also packed with LiFePO4 batteries that have a 6-times longer lifespan for safer use in the long run. Another impressive feature is its ability to recharge from 0% to 80% in just 2.4 hours.

              Despite its huge 512Wh capacity, it is compact enough to provide unparalleled convenience for fieldwork, RV camping, and emergencies at home to keep you connected whenever and wherever. With a built-in LED light, you don't have to carry extra lights when you go camping with this power station or during a blackout. How convenient!

              • Anker 757 PowerHouse - 1229Wh | 1500W


              Anker 757 PowerHouse - 1229Wh | 1500W

              This portable power station has it all. Anker 757 PowerHouse - 1229Wh | 1500W debuts on April 12th, 2022 as Anker's most advanced longest-lasting, and high-capacity backup battery that does so much more than just providing emergency power.

              The World's Longest-lasting Battery

              • Over 3,000 full charging cycles before seeing any noticeable reduction in capacity—6× the industry average

              • 50,000 hour rating on all electronic components—5× the industry average

              • 5-year warranty—3 years longer than the industry average

              If you're living in a place where power outages are a common occurrence or if you're an avid outdoor enthusiast, then this portable power station is one you shouldn't miss. Designed to charge more than just your phones and tablets, it can run electric grills, refrigerators, pumps, coffee makers, CPAP machines, and more.

              Unlike other power stations in the market that need multiple hours to recharge, the Anker 757 PowerHouse can be charged from 0% to over 80% in just 1 hour.

              The rapid recharge is possible through HyperFlash technology, using a bi-directional inverter that draws power from the standard AC plug at faster speeds.

              The Anker 757 PowerHouse is now available for pre-sale. Order today on to get a $200 exclusive early bird discount, and be one of the first to receive your ultimate PowerHouse. Free shipping starts on May 9th.

              Stay Powered!

              Planning to get an extra sense of security when you're headed out for a weekend road trip and never have to worry about power shortages? These long-lasting portable power stations are practical and perfect to have on hand to keep your devices running for a day or more. If you still have questions, browse our store or visit our community  to join the discussion and get help from the experts.