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    How to Ensure Charging Safe with Power Banks

    • 5 min read

    Do you want to charge your devices seamlessly at any time or place? Then you may have thought about using a power bank. Power banks are a great way to make sure that your device is powered up at all times. However, with the recent trends in smartphones and technological devices causing safety concerns, it is only right to make sure your power pack safety.

    In this blog post, I will be sharing with you, all the tips you need to know to ensure that you are charging safely with your power bank.

    Are Power Banks Charging Safe?

    Power banks are often used for charging devices including your smartphone. However, is it safe to charge with power banks? Just like any other electrical device, there are safety precautions, you must abide by if you want your power bank to last for a long time and not pose harm or threat to your smartphone. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your power bank is charging safely:

    1. Use power banks in good condition. Avoid using power banks that have been damaged or have visible signs of wear and tear, as they may be more likely to malfunction. For example, battery leakage problems. Avoid them at all cost because once it is connected to your device, it poses a lot of dangers and one of them is a fire hazard.
    2. Don't charge a power bank overnight. This can increase the risk of overcharging. So, as a safety precaution, you should avoid leaving your power banks to charge for an extended period of time, especially on bed or other surfaces that may build up heat.
    3. Charge one device at a time. Avoid charging multiple devices at the same time with your power bank and never leave a power bank in direct sunlight or in a hot car. It will put a strain on the battery and increase the risk of overheating.
    4. Use the right cables. Ensure that you use the correct charging cable and adapter to charge your device and power bank.
    5. Check the power bank capacity. Don't use a power bank with a capacity that is too low for the number of devices being charged as it can also cause overloading. Anker 737 Power Bank might be a good choice which boasts an impressive 24,000mAh battery capacity for extended usage. You can enjoy a battery life that's twice as long, ensuring uninterrupted power for all your devices.
    6. Charge in a safe place. Ensure that to keep your power bank away from metallic objects as they may induce short circuits within the power bank. Your power banks should be kept away from moisture, high temperatures, and dust as well, as they generate heat.
    7. Choose quality power banks. Make sure that you are not using a power bank from a non-reputable brand or a counterfeit product. These products may not have been manufactured to the same standards as those from reputable brands. It’s best not to use a power bank with a poor-quality battery as it may not be able to withstand the rigors of regular use and may be more prone to overheating or malfunctioning.

    Why There Are Safety Concerns about Power Banks

    There are many reasons why there are safety concerns with power banks. Poor quality batteries, inefficient circuitry, and mishandling and misuse can all greatly decrease the lifespan of a power bank and lead to short circuits, possible fires, and faulty charging.

    In fact, most airlines have started considering adding non-standardized power banks to the list of explosives not allowed on a flight. However, quality-certified power banks now are integrating technologies to ensure quick and safe charging.

    What You Should be Looking for in a Power Bank

    When buying a power bank, you should consider the following features;


    The capacity of a power bank is the amount of power it can store. This capacity is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). The higher the mAh, the higher the charging capacity of the power bank. While purchasing one, ensure the capacity of the power bank is at least three times that of your smartphone device. If you are a heavy-duty user, buy power banks with mAh as high as 10000mAh. A great example is Anker Prime 20,000mAh Power Bank

    Equipped with a massive 20,000mAh capacity, this is ample for charging your phone over three times or your MacBook Air once, making it a perfect companion for a brief trip. Lastly, if you work with a lot of multiple devices, you may also want to get power banks that have many ports for easy charging.

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    Output Voltage

    Also, make sure that the output voltage of the power bank you wish to purchase is the same as that of your device. This is because if lower, you may take a longer time to charge your device and it could in turn affect battery performance and lead to overheating.

    Build Quality

    You should consider the quality of the power banks before purchasing one. Normally, those made with lithium polymer or lithium-ion batteries have superior quality. Also, go for brands that provide built-in protection against short circuits and overheating. The power bank should have an overcharge protection feature that will shut off the charging process when your device has been fully charged. Additionally, Use and purchase only high-quality cables for charging your devices.

    LED Indicator Lights

    LED indicator lights help to gauge the amount of power left in a power bank. So, if you own a power bank with these lights, it will help you to avoid overcharging it.


    Lastly, you should make sure to buy power banks only made by reputable companies. This will help ensure that you buy only safety-compliant products.


    Power banks generally provide safe charging to devices. But, like any other battery-powered device, they need to be charged too. It's important to ensure you charge them safely so that they don't pose safety hazards. You should also endeavor to read reviews from other users before purchasing a power bank. It will help you gauge the quality of the product. Additionally, a power bank with a certification from a reliable research board will ensure that the product is capable of providing the standard of safety and protection you want. 

    FAQ about Charging Safe

    Does Power Bank Damage the Phone Battery?

    The truth is, power banks can be valuable allies in the fight against running out of juice, but they come with a few caveats. When used incorrectly or too often, these nifty accessories can slowly degrade your phone's battery over time. Ultimately, if used correctly, power banks provide an efficient and effective way to extend your device's battery life without diminishing long-term battery performance.

    Is it Safe to Use a Power Bank While Charging?

    Don't do it! Charging and discharging your power bank simultaneously may be a disaster! Not only will it cause the battery pack inside to overheat, but also risk damaging its charging port in an exceedingly hazardous way. Avoid this combination of events at all costs - using your power bank safely according to the user manual should always come first.

    Are Power Banks Safe on Planes?

    You may wonder can power banks explode if you take them on planes as regulations are seemingly releasing for taking them on a flight. However, it is safe if you follow the rules. To keep yourself and those around you safe, power banks should always be carried in hand luggage when traveling by air and unplugged during takeoff and landing. Also, the power bank should not exceed the amount of mAh recommended by the airline.