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    Road-Trip Essentials: Your Ultimate Guide to Traveling Prepared

    • 4 min read

    You're about to go on a road trip, and you should have started to think about what you'll need to bring with you. No matter where you want to go on your road trip, whether it's a scenic drive along the coast or a trip across the country, road trip planning will tell you how to plan a road trip. Regardless of how long your road trip will be, there are must haves for a road trip to bring with you.

    You can pack your car with anything you want and as much as you wish, but if you don't have the necessary road trip stockpiles, everything can quickly go from good to bad on the road. Fun and exciting road trips start with being ready for everything. To help you get started on your road trip, we created a what to bring on a road trip list.

    What to Bring on a Road Trip


    Driver License

    The most important thing you need to start a road trip is your driver's license or other driving paperwork. Your driver's license should always be in your purse or wallet, and you should never leave the house without it.

    Paper Maps

    For the road trip essentials, you should also pack paper maps with you. They may be no longer in style, but they will help you find your way, especially in places where cell phone service is spotty. Indeed, applications for smartphones such as Google Maps and are good. But if you're in a remote area and lose service, you won't be able to access your downloaded maps, which means you won't be able to obtain step-by-step driving directions either. Use smartphone apps for sure, but also bring a paper map. Instead of just getting a map of one area, get one that shows roads, landmarks, and information about the whole region. It is ideal for sudden desires along the way.

    Clothes and Toiletries


    It's a good idea to bring versatile clothes that can be worn in a lot of different ways and are durable. It should also be comfortable to wear. Moreover, odor-resistant and breathable clothes are the best. Pack these clothes with you: breathable shirts, breathable undergarments, comfy pants, fleece pullovers, rain jackets, hats, swimwear, hiking boots, and wool socks.


    Taking care of your hygiene on the road doesn't need to be hard. Here are the toiletries you should pack:

    1. Shampoo

    2. Dry shampoo

    3. Body wash

    4. Conditioner

    5. Toothbrush

    6. Toothpaste

    7. Mini mouthwash

    8. Floss

    9. Hair ties

    10. Hairbrush

    11. Deodorant

    12. Makeup

    13. Sunscreen

    14. Moisturizer

    15. Lip balm

    16. Hand sanitizer

    17. Microfiber towel

    18. Laundry detergent

    Emergency Gear

    First Aid Kit

    If you are taking a road trip to a place with average healthcare, make sure your first aid kit has needles and purchase travel insurance well in advance of your trip. Make sure you pack band-aids, ibuprofen, antiseptic, gauze, anti-nausea medicine, antihistamines, sterile gloves, and bandages.

    Roadside Emergency Kit

    You certainly hope you won't ever have to use the roadside emergency kit you packed. But as the name suggests, you certainly need to pack one for unexpected emergencies. The roadside emergency kit includes a safety vest, LED flashlight, a screwdriver, emergency blanket, jumper cable, a strong tow rope, tire pressure gauge, and warning triangle (just in case you can't get your car off the road).

    Tech Gadgets

    Camera and USB charger

    During a road trip, the camera is essential for capturing every moment. Without photographs, a road trip is incomplete.

    Car Phone Mount

    Getting a car phone mount can be one of the best tips for using your smartphone for navigation. They are cheap, easy to pack, and don't weigh much.

    Car Power Adapter

    USB charging connectors are becoming increasingly common in newly manufactured vehicles. If you don't have such good luck, you can transform your car's cigarette lighter into a charging port by purchasing a low-cost power adapter.

    Power Station

    Obviously, you pack a variety of devices on a road trip. In addition to your camera, you will bring your smartphone, Bluetooth headset or speaker, smartwatch, and any other electronic devices you need. This is where the power station comes in to help provide power for all of your devices. The Anker 757 Portable Power Station is our top-recommended power station. This power station's 1229Wh capacity makes it a great alternative for powering all of your essential electronics and appliances while on a road trip.


    Hopefully, this article helps you to figure out what to bring on a road trip and gives you road trip ideas. Your necessities, such as medications, have to be kept in mind when packing your luggage. It's possible that you have a certain medication that you need to take every day; if so, don't forget to bring it with you. With some planning, preparation, and research, your road trip can be an unforgettable adventure that will give you lasting memories! Good luck and safe travels!

    FAQ about What to Bring on a Road Trip

    What Makes a Road Trip Fun?

    Road trips are enjoyable because they provide complete flexibility over your journey. You can go wherever your vehicle can take you and pack anything as long as it fits in the trunk. You don't have to be anywhere, so you can forget about life's expectations and simply enjoy the moment. You are free to get lost, explore, be open to the world, and connect with it.

    Are Road Trips Good for Your Mental Health?

    Sure! Getting new experiences can help your brain work better and improve your mental health. Travel is associated with stress reduction and helps ease anxiety and depression symptoms. So, plan a road trip and pack road trip gear to start your own and boost your mental health.

    How Long Should a Road Trip Be?

    A standard road trip should last between five and eight days. People who have never been on a road trip before should take one that lasts about three days. Those with more driving experience may prefer a week-long or two-week-long road trip. However, the duration and distance traveled basically depend on what the driver wants.