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    How to Start Van Life? A Guide for Beginners

    • 5 min read

    These days, many people are interested in van life. It seems easy. Purchase a van, quit your work, and embark on a journey. However, as most people who choose to live this alternative lifestyle are aware, the adjustment to van life is anything but seamless. But if you do it right, it can be fun and very Instagrammable. Therefore, we prepare this article to guide you on how to start van life and begin the adventure.

    What Is Van Life?

    Van life is known as a way of life for those who decide to live in vans or other vehicles that have been converted into mobile tiny dwellings. This nomadic lifestyle is defined by minimalism, adventure, simplicity, and a reevaluation of life's true significance.

    Living in a van is about taking charge of your life. It is about overcoming your fear so you can do what makes you feel alive. It's about meeting people from all around the world and welcoming them despite their differences while recognizing the similarities we all share.

    How to Plan for Your Van Life?

    It might be hard and complicated to plan for living in a van. Here are some tips for you to start living the van life.

    Give It a Try

    Living in a van is great, but it's not suitable for everyone. Try it out to find out if van life is something you think you might like. You should go on a few practice road trips in the vehicle that you already have or one that you can borrow to see if this way of life is something that you truly desire.

    Choose a Vehicle That Works Best for Your Van Life Needs

    In deciding on a vehicle for van life, you should consider a few things. First, you should think about what country or city you are going to. You will need a 4WD If you wish to camp on the beach or travel to remote areas through off-road routes and dirt tracks. Besides, you should also think about how much space you'll need. There isn't a lot of space in a home on wheels, but it can vary a lot depending on the vehicle you choose. If you want to bring a lot of things, you might want to think about something larger than a standard van.

    Load Your Vehicle with Items

    Many people decide to live in a van because they want to live a minimalist life. For others, this will be a good side effect. However, before you sell all of your worldly goods, there are a few van life essentials items that will enhance your van life. From beds to clothes and compact projectors to fishing equipment, you'll find a way to fill every empty space with something you think you might need along the way.

    Prepare Safety or Emergency Equipment

    Things go wrong sometimes. Being well-prepared on board will help keep you and your van home safe. Before you go on a van life journey, make sure you have some basic safety equipment or van life accessories like a fire extinguisher, a recovery kit, a breakdown kit, a small saw, a hummer, duct tape, and more.

    Invest in a Portable Power System

    To support your adventure, we recommend you have a portable generator, especially a solar panel generator to charge all your electronic devices. A great example of van life power options you can check out is the Anker 757 solar generator. There are 13 ports for all gadgets. The battery life by 6 times longer than standard lithium-ion batteries, ensuring you're always prepared for any trip.

    Install the Appropriate Travel App

    Undoubtedly, a map is one of the most important items for an adventurer. Modern maps are small enough to fit in your hand, cover the entire world, and are connected to GPS and the internet to give you more information than position and topography.

    Make a Budget for Your Van Life

    If you are interested in starting a van life, then you will probably be interested in a few financial details. A lack of understanding about van life costs may be preventing you from taking the move yourself.

    Living in a van may and should be less expensive than living in a house. However, you must be disciplined and cautious, as costs can easily get out of hand. Keeping a budget can assist you in controlling your spending on the road.

    Get Used to Working on the Road

    For a sustainable van life living, you need to find some ways of making money on the road. One of the most efficient methods is through freelancing or providing remote services, such as consulting or web design. With a laptop and a good internet connection, you’d be surprised how many opportunities exist online to make a living wage.


    So, that's how to start van life. Living in a van is an exciting journey, but it requires dedication, determination, and planning. You'll be able to make the most out of your van life experience if you plan ahead and have all the essential items and accessories you need for the road. From safety equipment to solar generators and from choosing the right van to making a living on the way, these are just some of the things that will help ensure a great adventure! So get ready for your new life on the open road! Happy travels!

    FAQ about How to Start Van Life

    How Much Does It Cost to Start Van Life?

    To start a van life, the cost will vary greatly depending on your requirements and lifestyle. First, you must convert your car which may cost between $33,000 and $56,000. Besides, the cost of insuring it and outfitting it with any essential gear such as beds and cooking equipment. You may also need to consider ongoing costs such as fuel and general maintenance. Generally, apart from the upfront spending, van lifers may still need about $800 a month for further living as normal.

    How Do Van Lifers Make Money?

    Van lifers usually make money with some creativity and work. For example, they could make products with their own crafty skills and sell them on the road, become a freelance writer, start their own YouTube channel, get a seasonal job, establish an online business, or seek a remote job.

    Is Living the Van Life Worth It?

    That depends on your life attitude. Someone thinks living the van life is absolutely worth it. It's cheaper than living in an apartment and can provide you with a sense of freedom and adventure that nothing else can match. Plus, it allows you to explore different places around the world. Even if you're on a tight budget, you'll find ways to make it work as long as you plan ahead, get creative, and stay disciplined.

    However, you should know living in a van life may not be as comfortable as at a concrete home. So if you're more used to the comforts of urban infrastructure, then maybe van life and you just don't match.