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    How an Ice-Free, Cordless Powered Cooler Will Enhance Your Off-Grid Lifestyle

    • 12 min read

    Hey there, fellow outdoor enthusiasts! Have you ever found yourself deep in the heart of nature, embarking on a much-anticipated camping getaway, only to be blindsided by a cooler crisis? Panic sets in as your ice supply melts away, putting your perishables at risk and leaving your food in a watery mess. But fear not! This all-too-common scenario is a thing of the past, thanks to one of the best battery-powered coolers to hit the market in ages.


    In this article, we'll explore an exciting innovation where ice and cords are history – and everlasting coolness reigns supreme. This is the frosty future, and it's transforming the way we experience the great outdoors!


    A Revolution in Outdoor Cooling

    Before we delve into the details, let's take a moment to appreciate the many quality-of-life improvements that will come from a portable cooling revolution. This shift not only simplifies your adventures but also opens up a world of possibilities for campers and off-grid explorers alike.


    The Cool Impact of Ditching Ice and Cords

    The possibility of dumping the ice for good and cutting the cords is a game-changer for anyone who craves the freedom of off-grid living or camping. Traditional ice-filled coolers can be a hassle with the constant need to replace melting ice, leading to soggy sandwiches and unappetizing food. Not to mention, the weight of the ice can make your cooler a literal pain to carry.


    Electric coolers might have solved the ice problem, but they still tether you to power outlets, which is far from ideal for those looking to truly disconnect from the grid. Who wants to stay constantly within reach of an outlet or drain their car battery just to keep food fresh? That's not the kind of freedom you signed up for!


    But with an ice-free, cordless powered cooler, you'll enjoy extra space for your favorite refreshments, zero mess from melting ice, and the liberty to wander wherever you please.


    These high-tech coolers bring more to the table than just convenience. By going ice-free, you'll save cash and skip the store runs for ice—and you'll also reduce waste, making your outdoor adventures greener. Plus, cordless operation means your cooler can be your trusty sidekick on any journey, free from power outlet constraints.


    The Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler


    Meet Anker EverFrost: A Trailblazing Companion for Outdoor Adventure

    Now that you're caught up to speed on the limitations of traditional and other powered coolers, surely you're wondering if there exists a top-notch alternative. Enter the Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler – a remarkable piece of gear that has all the features and capabilities to make it your go-to cooler for camping, RVing, or any off-grid escapade.


    So, buckle up and grab your favorite chilled beverage—let's discover how the EverFrost is set to take your outdoor experiences to unprecedented, icy heights.


    How EverFrost Ends the Ice Age

    Ice-filled coolers are on the brink of extinction, and the Anker EverFrost is paving the way towards a new frontier thanks to its efficient cooling technology that keeps the cold rolling in, no matter where you venture.


    The Science of Staying Chill

    What's the secret to keeping food and drinks fresh sans ice? It's all about the compressor cooling technology – the same kind you'd find in your home refrigerator. This clever system circulates refrigerant to remove heat from the cooler's interior, creating a consistently cold environment for your perishables. Unlike thermoelectric coolers that struggle to maintain low temperatures in hot conditions, compressor-based cooling ensures reliable and efficient chilling, even in the most extreme environments.


    The Satisfaction of Saving Space

    This frosty feat means you'll enjoy over twice the storage space compared to traditional coolers, so you can pack more of your favorite refreshments, fresh produce, and delicious meals without having to sacrifice precious space for ice. Think of all those culinary creations you can whip up with the extra room!


    Anker EverFrost saves you precious space without the need for ice


    Whether planning a cozy camping getaway or a full-blown off-grid expedition, Anker EverFrost has enough interior space to accommodate any adventure. Exactly how much volume you have to work with depends on the size of the model you select, which we'll discuss in a bit. But first, let's explore one of the most impressive components behind EverFrost's everlasting coolness and off-grid capabilities: the battery.


    Unleash the Power: EverFrost's Battery and Cooling Longevity

    It's nearly impossible to find electrical outlets out in the remote wilderness – so a reliable power source is essential for keeping your portable fridge running. Luckily, the EverFrost doesn't skimp on its battery, boasting an impressive runtime and versatile set of features.


    Unbeatable Battery Life

    Anker EverFrost features a detachable 299Wh battery—the largest available in a cordless powered cooler. This means unprecedented cooling performance on a single battery charge – up to 42 hours of nonstop refrigeration with the 33L model, which can also maintain a freezing temperature for 35 hours straight.


    The following table shows the cooling and freezing performance of all three EverFrost models when used at an ambient temperature of 77°F (25°C):

    EverFrost Size
    Battery Life at 39°F (4°C)
    Battery Life at 32°F (0°C)
    42 hours
    35 hours
    35 hours 48 min
    30 hours
    27 hours
    20 hours


    Long-Lasting Coolness

    Not that you have to, of course, but let's say you did add ice to your EverFrost for an even more extended cooling duration. Thanks to a 7mm impermeable strip and 50mm insulating layer, EverFrost retains ice at long-lasting rates that rival even the most premium hard coolers on the market.


    Based on our testing with a combination of ice and a full battery, it would take 10 days until the ice inside finally melted.


    Forgoing the battery altogether? EverFrost can keep ice solid for up to 7 days without any help from the battery-powered compressor.


    Charge It Up: Solar Power and Much More

    But what if your battery runs low? That's where EverFrost's versatile charging options come into play, making it the coolest thing under the sun. Literally.


    Solar-Powered Cooling

    For reliable and everlasting off-grid cooling, EverFrost's battery is equipped with 100W of solar input, which allows the cooler to stay sustainably charged no matter where you venture. By connecting just a single 100W solar panel, you can stay powered 24/7 on your outdoor excursions, making it a dependable and eco-friendly way to keep food and drinks fresh.


    Anker EverFrost stays charged with just one 100W solar panel


    Multiple Methods to Recharge

    Beyond its solar capabilities, EverFrost offers four different methods to recharge its battery and ensure you never run out of cooling power.

    Charging Method
    0-80% Charging Time
    Car socket
    Wall outlet
    Solar 100W
    USB-C 60W


    Detachable Battery = A Power Bank for Your Devices

    The Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler isn't just about keeping your food and drinks cold. The icing on the cake is the detachable 299Wh battery, which doubles as a world-class power bank for your electronic devices.


    From phones and laptops to cameras and tablets, the battery's 60W USB-C port and two 12W USB-A ports will keep you powered even when you're miles away from the nearest outlet.


    Anker EverFrost's detachable battery serves as a power bank for all your personal devices


    Staying Connected Off-Grid: A Game-Changer

    In our increasingly connected world, the ability to charge devices on-the-go is a must-have. EverFrost's 2-in-1 battery/power-bank combo ensures that you never miss a crucial update, whether you're checking the weather, navigating unfamiliar terrain, or snapping photos to share with friends and family.


    But this game-changing feature isn't just about convenience. In emergency situations, having access to charged devices can be crucial for your safety and wellbeing. The EverFrost Powered Cooler provides peace of mind in knowing you can stay connected, even when off-grid. (It also doesn't hurt you'll have fresh food and drinks for days!)


    One Cooler, Endless Adventures: The Versatility of EverFrost

    The Anker EverFrost isn't just for casual campers; it's a dream come true for off-grid enthusiasts, RVers, long-term travelers, and anyone who loves the great outdoors. Let's explore how this cooler's adaptability makes it an exciting innovation across various use cases.


    A Cooler for Every Adventure

    EverFrost is perfect for a wide range of adventures and scenarios. Here are just a few examples of the potential usage you can enjoy from everlasting coolness:


    Weekend getaways

    Pack up your favorite refreshments and head out for a spontaneous road trip or beach day.


    Off-grid camping

    Take advantage of EverFrost's cordless convenience and solar charging capability to enjoy fresh food in the great outdoors.


    RV and van life

    Experience hassle-free cooling without the need for constant power connections.



    Keep your drinks ice-cold and your grill ingredients fresh at sporting events or concerts.


    Outdoor weddings and events

    Keep drinks, appetizers, and desserts chilled and fresh during outdoor celebrations.


    Fishing and boating trips

    Store your fresh catch and keep your beverages cool on the water.


    Picnics and family gatherings

    Bring chilled treats and delicious dishes to share with friends and family.


    Farmers markets

    Keep your farm-fresh produce and dairy products cool, either as a customer or a vendor.


    Off-site job locations

    Keep your crew hydrated and refreshed during long days at construction sites or on film shoots in remote locations.


    The Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler is designed for off-grid adventure


    Beyond the Outdoors: Off-Grid Living, Power Outages, and Medical Applications

    The EverFrost isn't limited to outdoor adventures; its versatility makes it invaluable in other situations too.


    Power outages

    Keep your perishables safe and cold, reducing food spoilage and waste.


    Medical needs

    Store temperature-sensitive medications like insulin safely, thanks to EverFrost's consistent cooling and solar charging options.


    Off-grid living

    Maintain a reliable source of cold storage for food and beverages in remote locations, such as for homesteading or tiny home living.


    Gourmet Meals in the Wild

    Hot dogs and sandwiches don't have to be the only menu option. With the EverFrost Powered Cooler, you no longer have to sacrifice your favorite home-cooked meals or healthy staples when in the wilderness. Its ample storage and precise temperature control allow you to store and prepare ingredients for delicious dishes, even in the great outdoors.


    Want to indulge in some ice cream while stargazing? EverFrost has got you covered—its cooling range goes as low as -4°F (-20°C), perfect for keeping your favorite frozen treats frosty.


    Size Matters: Picking the Perfect EverFrost

    No two adventurers are the same, so why should their coolers be? The Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler comes in three different sizes, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone.


    Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler comes in 33L, 43L, and Dual-Zone 53L sizes


    Flexible Storage

    From the compact 33L model, ideal for solo travelers or couples, to the spacious 53L version with a dual-zone freezer and fridge, the EverFrost lineup caters to every need.


    Temperature range and power capabilities are the same across all models. The differences lie in battery duration time (stated earlier) and the amount of interior space they offer.


    Here are some approximate examples of the many different quantities of items you can store in your chosen EverFrost, depending on how you arrange them:

    EverFrost 33L
    EverFrost 43L
    EverFrost 53L
    330ml Cans
    500ml Bottles
    Soda (2-liter bottles)
    Deli Sandwiches
    Salad Containers (32 oz)
    Ground Meat (1 lb packages)
    Fruits (apples, oranges)
    Cheese Blocks (8 oz)
    Pre-cooked Shrimp (1 lb bags)
    Hummus (12 oz containers)
    Pints of Ice Cream
    Yogurt (16 oz containers)
    Cold cuts (1 lb packages)
    Chicken breast (1 lb packages)
    Cartons of eggs (dozen)


    Dual-Zone Temperature Control

    The 53L model offers a unique dual-zone feature, allowing you to independently control the temperatures in both sections. Divide your cooler into a fridge or a freezer. Or have two fridges. Or two freezers—the choice is yours! This ensures optimal storage conditions for both frozen and fresh items, putting an end to wilted lettuce and half-melted ice cream.


    Choosing the Right Cooler Based on Your Needs

    When deciding which EverFrost cooler is right for you, consider the type of outdoor activities you enjoy, the size of your tribe, and your storage needs. Light travelers might find the 33L model to be a perfect fit, while families or larger groups might prefer the 53L option for its additional space and dual-zone capabilities. If you're somewhere in the middle, the 43L model could be the Goldilocks of coolers, striking just the right balance between size and storage capacity.


    Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler has massive storage space for all your favorite foods


    Remember, the beauty of a powered cooler like EverFrost is that you can store and prepare your favorite foods from home, wherever your adventures take you. So, think about the kinds of meals you'd like to make and the ingredients you'll need to keep cool, then choose the cooler size that will best accommodate your culinary aspirations.


    Cost vs. Value: Is a Powered Cooler Worth It?

    When it comes to weighing the costs and benefits of a powered cooler like EverFrost, it's important to look beyond the initial price tag.


    Long-term Savings and Peace of Mind

    Sure, the EverFrost is more of an investment than a flimsy Styrofoam cooler - but chances are if you're already interested in the benefits of a powered cooler then you will have come across many popular brands that are even more expensive than a similarly sized EverFrost—and they don't even include a battery.


    Consider the long-term value you'll gain months and years after the initial price. Say goodbye to the days of constantly replenishing ice, wasting money on spoiled food, and the anxiety of losing your cool in the wild.


    The High Price of Ice

    While it's difficult to pinpoint the exact amount that frequent campers or RVers spend on ice every year, it can be assumed that if you were to go off-grid twice a month, then you would likely buy two 10-pound bags of ice for every trip. At $2.50 per bag, that's $5 for ice every time. Multiply that by 24 trips in a year, and you're throwing away an astounding $120 on ice annually to keep your food fresh! The savings you'll enjoy from ditching ice alone can help offset the cost of your new powered cooler.


    Reliable Cooling Anywhere

    Additionally, EverFrost's impressive battery life and charging versatility reduce the risk of food spoilage and waste. Vanlifers typically rely on mini-fridges that require a constant source of power, either from their vehicle's electrical system or shore power hookups. But the ability to recharge EverFrost using portable solar panels means that, with a little planning and sunny weather, your food will stay fresh indefinitely during your off-grid adventures. That's priceless peace of mind for any outdoor enthusiast.


    Assessing the Value of a Powered Cooler

    Again, the EverFrost is more than just a cooler — its true value comes from looking at the entire package. Long-lasting battery life, solar charging capabilities, and the detachable power bank for your gadgets are just a few of the standout features that make this cooler a must-have. Plus, the convenience of ice-free cooling, increased storage space, and precise temperature control will revolutionize your outdoor experience.


    As you weigh the costs and benefits, think about the long-term impact on your outdoor adventures, the money you'll save on ice, and the flexibility and convenience that the EverFrost Powered Cooler provides.


    Health and Mother Earth: EverFrost's Eco-friendly Benefits

    Anker EverFrost not only keeps your food cool and fresh, but it also promotes food safety and environmental responsibility.


    Preventing Foodborne Illnesses

    Powered coolers like EverFrost can help prevent foodborne illnesses during camping trips. By maintaining a constant and safe temperature for your food, you reduce the risk of harmful bacteria growing and spoiling your meals. That means fewer upset stomachs and more time enjoying the great outdoors.


    Environmental Benefits and Waste Reduction

    According to data from the National Park Service, nearly 8.54 million tons of plastic waste is collected from the national parks every year.


    Switching to a powered cooler like the EverFrost means you'll no longer need to rely on single-use ice bags or containers that prevent food from getting wet. Plus, without the need for ice, you'll use less water and have less environmental impact on our planet's precious resources.


    Moreover, the solar charging capabilities of the EverFrost cooler further promote eco-friendliness, allowing you to harness the power of the sun to keep your food fresh and cold. It's a win-win for both you and Mother Earth.


    Eye-Catching Extras: EverFrost's User-Friendly Design & Features

    On top of its unparalleled cooling capabilities and features, the Anker EverFrost also comes with a few bonus elements that make it even more appealing. As if you needed another reason to fall in love with it!


    Smart App for Seamless Control & Monitoring

    Not feeling motivated to get up from that comfy lounge chair? With EverFrost's Smart App and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can easily monitor and control your cooler's temperature right from your smartphone. Just tap the display screen to set the desired temperature, change the temperature unit, and check the voltage protection level. It's as easy as pie!


    The EasyTow Handle doubles as a prep table


    EasyTow™ Handle and Ergonomic Design

    Ever struggled with dragging a heavy, cumbersome cooler over rough terrain? EverFrost's ergonomic design will make you forget all about those painful memories. Its rugged 6-inch wheels and EasyTow™ handle ensure that you can effortlessly move the cooler anywhere. Additionally, the handle even converts into a handy tray table, perfect for enjoying a quick meal on the go.


    Built-In Bottle Opener for Added Convenience

    Sometimes, it's the small things that make a big difference. That's why Anker included a handy built-in bottle opener on the EverFrost unit. You'll never have to search for a separate opener or resort to using your teeth (ouch!) when you're trying to crack open a cold one during your off-grid adventure.


    Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler features a built-in bottle opener for added convenience


    Upgrade Your Off-Grid Experience with EverFrost!

    As we wrap up our journey, it's clear that the Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler is the key to unlocking a new level of outdoor enjoyment. Its ice-free and cordless design, outstanding battery life, and adaptable charging options make it the ultimate trailblazer in battery-powered cooling for off-grid excursions.


    No more heavy ice bags weighing you down, soggy snacks dampening your spirits, or concerns about food safety casting a shadow over your adventures. EverFrost transforms your outdoor experiences by keeping your food fresh, your drinks chilled, and your electronic devices charged up. It's the perfect sidekick for everyone, from weekend campers to devoted off-grid enthusiasts, RVers, and globe-trotting wanderers.


    Don't miss your chance to elevate your outdoor escapades! Head over to the EverFrost Kickstarter page now and secure an exclusive discount on your very own EverFrost cooler before the initial pledge slots run out. Here's to exploring the great outdoors with the reliable, cutting-edge Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler by your side!