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    What You Need to Host a Fantastic Outdoor Movie Night

    • 5 min read

    A special event is around the corner and you are thinking of the best type of way to celebrate it with your loved ones. Choice restaurants may be fully booked, as well the cinemas. You could be tight on a budget but still, wish for a weekend getaway with your spouse or family and friends. Outdoor movie nights are just lifesavers!


    Outdoor movie nights are fast becoming a trend in our world. The idea of sitting out either in tents or just on lush greenery, and watching a movie, brings a different kind of intimacy. But how can you perfectly execute this? Read on to discover tips on how to host an outdoor movie night.

    How to Host an Outdoor Movie Night

    Even with the best home outdoor movie night ideas you have, you need the right plans to ensure that your loved ones enjoy their time. Here are some tips on how to set up a backyard movie theater:

    Send out the Invitation

    This is the first step to embark on when organizing your backyard outdoor movie night. Ensure that your invitations are catchy and exciting. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. You could make floral cutouts and paste them on embossed sheets. Invitations for kids could have bunnies and other exciting prints on the front cover. For adults, you may want to indicate certain things like a dress code or items to come along with. Keep it simple but catchy.

    Decide a theme and the Décor

    This is a very important aspect of setting up an outdoor movie night. The theme of the event will go a long way in your choice of movie. For example, a safari-themed movie night could have movie selections originating from wildlife or the animal kingdom. The theme would also help invitees dress accordingly. Themes should fit in with what your guests enjoy the most. For the décor, it’s best to make it inviting and relaxing. You can use simple handcraft or colorful balloons with sparkly led lights to give a more beautiful effect. The decor should reflect the theme of the event and the possible personalities of your invitees. 

    Set up the Equipment

    To ensure that things go just as planned, set up the equipment for the night screening in time. You would want to consider your source of power first, as it is an outdoor event. Your source of power should be a durable and reliable device that can power and sustain the equipment throughout the night. And in this case, you should consider using external power for projectors. It will be easier for you to move around. Anker PowerHouse 535 is your best bet. With a capacity of 512Wh and 500 wattage, this portable power station is an ideal solution for your outdoor event’s source of power. Plus, its 9 output ports add more flexibility for charging multiple devices during your movie night.

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    Also, if this is your first time hosting events like this, make sure that you have someone on your team who knows how to power a projector outdoors. More importantly, ensure that your equipment is well set up such that it doesn’t lead to any accident in the dark.


    Finally, the sitting arrangements should also fit in with your audience. If there are kids, they could settle for pillows and blankets. Adults may opt for rocking chairs or cushions.

    Prepare Snacks and Drinks

    Your outdoor movie night ideas won’t be properly executed if there are no snacks and drinks for your audience to chill with. You may want to consider preparing snacks based on your expected guests. If it’s a children's party, you do have to throw in lots of candies and sweets. Ensure to prepare snacks that come in easily disposable packs to avoid heavy littering by morning.


    Add lots of refreshing drinks and serve them at an appropriate temperature. Popcorn never goes out of style when seeing a movie. You could set up a mini snack area with a popcorn vending machine, a hot and cold drink dispenser, and a cotton candy floss machine. Adult guests can always indulge in these as well. Whatever you decide with the snacks, don’t forget to make it a memorable serving.


    Hopefully, this post has helped you figure out what do I need for an outdoor movie night. Overall, hosting an outdoor movie night can be a fun and entertaining experience for people of all ages. It doesn't have to be complicated either since there are numerous options available to help create the perfect outdoor movie setup. Taking the time to plan the event is the first step in making sure the night runs smoothly. With the right precautions and supplies, a successful outdoor movie night is entirely possible.

    FAQ on Outdoor Movie Night

    How do you make a cozy movie night?

    A cozy movie night is one of the best ways to spend time with your loved ones and here is how you can create one:

    1. First, ensure that the viewing area is comfortable. Whether it’s on the floor, on the sofa, or pile of cushions, just make sure that the place is relaxing enough.

    2. The mood should also be warm and cozy. You can achieve this with soft lightings such as candles, dimmed bulbs, fairy lights, or lamps.

    3. Next, you should choose a movie that everyone will enjoy and prepare snacks for everyone. It could be popcorn, chips or candy, or other substantial options like pizza and ice cream.

    4. Finally, show up wearing your comfiest clothes, settle in under your blanket, and turn off all distractions like phones and laptops so that you can focus on the movie.

    How do you do an outdoor movie night with kids?

    You want to make sure that an outdoor movie night is as memorable as ever. Here’s how you can achieve that:

    1. First, you have to pick a safe location that’s also appropriate for kids. It could be your backyard or garden.

    2. Then set up your projector and other equipment. Arrange the seating as well and ensure that it’s comfortable. Don’t forget to add kid-friendly snacks and drinks.

    3. Also, pick a movie that’s appropriate for all ages and that kids will enjoy.

    4. Knowing how kids can be hyperactive, make sure that you establish strict rules that should go by before, during, and after the movie night.

    How dark does it need to be for the outdoor cinema?

    To get the best outdoor movie night experience, it’s best to start the movie when it’s dark enough to project the image on the screen. This usually happens at dusk or just after sunset when the sky is dark but not completely black.