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    Is Living Off-the-Grid Communities for You? Read On to Find Out

    • 4 min read

    Off-the-grid communities are those that do not rely on utility services for their daily energy needs. Instead, they make use of renewable energy sources such as solar power and natural water systems. The members of the community also build their houses and plant their food through sustainable practices. Ultimately, living off-the-grid communities are eco-friendly, therapeutic, and can help train you to be still reliant. Even so, these communities still face challenges such as location, power source sufficiency, and more.


    If you live in an off-the-grid community or are planning to try off-the-grid living, this post is for you. Today, we share with you essential information about living off-the-grid and suggest supplies for a more comfortable experience.

    What Communities Are Off-Grid Living?

    Living off-the-grid communities are often found in rural areas where they can acquire sufficient land for their needs, such as renewable energy installations and sustainable housing at a cost-effective price. Rural areas also have more privacy and seclusion making them more appealing to those who seek a simple and quieter lifestyle.

    If you are planning to learn more about off-the-grid living, here are some off-the-grid living communities in different parts of the world that you may check out.

    1. Breitenbush (Oregon, United States)
    2. Twin Oaks (Louisa, Virginia)
    3. The Konohana Family (Yakushima, Japan)
    4. Greater World Earthship Community (New Mexico)
    5. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Missouri, United States)
    6. Lasqueti Island (Vancouver, Canada)
    7. Torri Superiore (Liguria, Italy)
    8. Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community (Costa Rica)
    9. Freedom Cove (Vancouver, Canada)
    10. Tinkers Bubble (England, United Kingdom)

    Reasons for Living Off the Grid

    There are various reasons why people opt to live in off-the-grid communities, however, the most prominent reasons are sustainability, better health, and a sense of belongingness. Below we discuss these reasons one by one.


    Living in an off-the-grid community means that you have to adopt sustainable practices in your daily life. These practices involve constructing your home, using renewable energy sources, and growing your food. By committing to sustainable practices, you are not just caring for the environment, but also gaining benefits such as having chemical-free natural food.

    Better Health

    Off-the-grid living offers more health benefits than you think. It promotes an active lifestyle, better sleep patterns, and a healthier diet with organic, chemical-free homegrown food. The peaceful rural environment also enhances mental well-being and happiness.

    Sense of Belongingness

    Being a part of an off-the-grid community gives you a sense of belongingness. People in this type of community often work together to complete a project such as planting trees, harvesting crops, and more. You can also form genuine connections and meaningful friendships in this community as there are no electronics and many distractions around you.

    Supplies for Off-Grid Living

    When it comes to off-grid living, there are several essential supplies that you need to survive. Unlike living in the city, your needs in an off-the-grid community are not readily available for you at a convenience store or grocery, hence, you need to live more wisely and have the right supplies and devices.

    If you are planning to get started in your off-the-grid living adventure but don’t know which supplies to buy first, these three things are certainly worth considering. Read on to learn more.

    1. Water Filtration System

    Off-the-grid communities do not rely on utility companies for energy and water. The water that people drink in these communities is often sourced from natural sources such as streams or groundwater. Although there are untouched water sources that provide safe potable drinking water, some of these sources may require filtration or treatment to ensure its safety and quality. This is where a water filtration system becomes highly important. A water filtration system traps debris, odor, and bacteria in the water, making it safe for consumption.

    2. Sustainable Food Sources and Cooking Equipment

    It is essential to prioritize your food sources if you ever decide to live off the grid. Make sure to have enough space to grow your food through organic gardening, aquaponics systems, or other gardening methods. Additionally, don’t forget to add cooking equipment to your supplies list, so you can prepare food more efficiently and safer.

    3. Portable Solar Generator

    Investing in a reliable portable solar generator is one of the best things you can do when you live without utility services. However, before you rush into an online shopping platform and order the first generator to pop on your screen, keep in mind that not all generators are made similarly. Hence, it is a must to take your time to decide and consider your needs before spending a penny.

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    Furthermore, the Anker Solar Generator 767 has a 2400W large energy capacity and can supply power to 12 devices. It has an exclusive RV port, 4 AC ports, 3 USB-C charging ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 car outlets. We offer 5-year full-device warranty providing you with assurance of quality and security for the money you spent.


    Off-the-grid communities offer a different living experience that is closely related to nature. While off-the-grid living may seem challenging to some, it can offer amazing benefits such as improved environmental conditions and better health. In today’s time, living independently from utility services has also become easier thanks to the inventions of devices that use renewable energy sources. These incredible devices are easy to operate and offer a convenient power source anywhere you are.

    So, is the off-the-grid lifestyle for you? Well, if you enjoy living in a rural area, love gardening and nature, and enjoy building your home, then we think living off-the-grid communities might be suitable for you.