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    Creative Valentine's Day Gifts and Activities to Show Your Love

    • 6 min read

    Many people realize that traditional Valentine's Day gifts like flowers, chocolate, and stuffed toys are no good choices anymore because chocolate could be eaten up, flowers would wither soon, and there are so many similar stuffed toys, showing no uniqueness at all. However, they worry about selecting the wrong gift or the wrong place to spend the day and bringing disappointment to their loved ones. To help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts and recreations, we’ve rounded up 8 ultimate suggestions (4 for boys & 4 for girls) and 4 unexpected activities that can meet the need of people with various interests, sparing you from brain-racking consideration. Read on to know the 8 best suggestions and fun activities you can try on Valentine's Day.

    Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

    Here we list 4 Valentine's Day gifts based on popular activities and interests of general men. The intention is to help you select something special and practical, reminding him of you every time he uses it.

    Camping Gear

    In recent years, camping has become a popular activity and many boys want to rough out there and gain a sense of satisfaction from wilderness survival. We suggest you choose some professional camping tools as gifts for your camping-loving boyfriend, such as a high-quality tent, a professional sleeping bag, a set of outdoor cooking utensils or an outdoor camping powerhouse. Here we recommend the best-performance Anker 555 outdoor powerhouse. With a 1024Wh capacity, a 1000W output, and 4 types of charging ports, Anker 555 powerhouse is the best powerhouse which can charge your phone 81 times and 16.6 hours for a portable freezer.

    Gone are the days of bulky and ugly powerhouses, Our Anker 555 powerhouse has a size of a home toaster, an impact-resistant structure, and a technological appearance that boys love. For a camping enthusiastic boyfriend, this is definitely one of the most practical gifts that will give him a surprise him.

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    Camera Drone

    A camera drone is a popular gadget in recent years. People think piloting a flying a drone is an awesome experience as it provides you with new perspectives. It is an exciting thing to look down at your city from the sky and capture unexpected images that you can't see normally, and bring your photography and video filming to a higher level. So, if your boyfriend is into drone photography, or he just enjoys the thrill of flying a robot, the drone is undoubtedly a good gift.

    Wireless Speaker

    Bluetooth speakers are one of the few gifts that will never go wrong because everyone has their music type and will be happy to enjoy higher-quality music. A Bluetooth speaker can be quickly connected with devices such as smartphones and computers, saving all the trouble of wires. Moreover, Bluetooth speakers are usually portable, and easy to carry, making it possible to take to the bathroom when you are taking a bath, to the yard when you are barbecuing, and to enjoy good music anywhere and anytime.

    Gaming Gears/Computer Peripherals

    Many boys like PC gaming and dreamed about having a whole set of awesome gaming equipment and peripherals in their room. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy gaming gear or computer peripherals for your boyfriend to improve his gaming experience. For example, a new PC monitor with high definition, a gamepad, a gaming chair, a gaming mouse, a mechanical keyboard, or a gaming headset. Select one or two of these which has good performance and cool design, he will definitely love this gift.

    Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

    When buying gifts for your girlfriend, it is important to think carefully. Many boys think it’s a good idea to buy lipstick or skincare products since it seems like all girls need cosmetic products. However, boys have no idea about the color number of the lipstick, and the suitable skincare product varies from person to person and their skin type. Therefore, we have chosen the following four types of gifts that will not go wrong and that almost all girls will need or like.

    Home Coffee Machine

    Consider replacing her old drip coffee maker with a new and better-looking espresso coffee machine. Different from normal drip coffee makers, espresso machines make coffee by forcing the water through the coffee grounds, thus providing a much faster brewing process and a more concentrated and robust flavor. What’s more, she can experiment with different beans and brewing methods at home, and customize her unique coffee according to her own preferences.

    Home Projector

    If your girlfriend is a movie lover, a home projector could serve as a wonderful gift. Now, many home projectors have impressive picture quality and vivid colors. With a home theater projector, she doesn’t need to settle for a tiny TV or iPad screen and can watch movies at home in a theater-like environment. Even better, no crowds, no noise, a more comfortable sofa at home, and many old movies that public cinemas won’t play. What’s more, she can even arrange a wonderful backyard movie night with her friends under the stars.

    Hair Dryer

    A high-quality hairdryer can be a thoughtful and practical gift for your girlfriend. It's recommended to look for a hair dryer with ionic technology, as they can help reduce frizz and static. Select a hair dryer with features like multiple heat settings, speed settings, and cool shot buttons to meet her various needs and help her customize her hairstyling based on her hair type and the look she wants. For example, If she has thick hair, she can set it to a more powerful level. If she has delicate or damaged hair, she may prefer a setting with gentle heat. Also remember to consider the weight and size of the hair dryer, as well as the length of the cord. A lighter hair dryer should be easier for your girlfriend to hold in hand and use, while a longer cord can provide more flexibility.

    Instant Camera

    In an era in which everyone has easy access to mobile phone photography technology with high-definition, the one-time imaging instant camera attracts people's attention again. Almost all girls like to use photos to record their life, thus an instant camera is a great gift that won't make mistakes. The biggest feature of instant cameras is that they produce physical prints. She can paint little drawings on the photo, and stick the photo in her notebook, or on the wall, providing a fun and creative way for her to keep her memories. What’s more, if your girlfriend is someone who appreciates vintage aesthetics, she would surely love an instant camera that offers a nostalgic charm.

    Best Valentine's Day Activities

    Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your loved one. Here are some of the best Valentine's Day activities to try out:

    Camping: If you are tired of the usual entertainment in the city, spending Valentine's Day in great nature can be both romantic and adventurous. While camping, you can have an unprecedented experience of setting up a tent, making a campfire, and snuggling up under the stars. This special and exciting wild camping will definitely make you closer to each other.

    Musical concert: Everyone will be happy and moved to see their favorite singer and hear their favorite song live. Therefore, attending a musical concert together can be a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. If you plan to take him to a musical concert, remember to keep paying attention to the live show plan of her favorite singer and make sure you get the tickets in advance.

    Extreme sports: Extreme sports can be a thrilling way to spend Valentine's Day if you want to try something you normally won’t. You can consider skydiving, rock climbing, free diving, or other activities that you both have an interest in. It's a great way to bond over your love for adventure and push your limits together.

    Visiting a Gallery: Gallery visiting can be a great Valentine's Day activity for art lovers. It's a chance to appreciate and explore different styles and mediums of art, and to learn something new together. Additionally, if you and your partner are interested in buying artwork, a gallery visit can be a great opportunity to find pieces that you can cherish for years to come.


    All these gifts and activities we mentioned above are great to memorize your relationship and bring you closer together. Please select the Valentine’s Day gift from them according to his/her daily interests. By choosing the right gift that your partner like, you are making an unforgettable physical landmark to you relationship, and remember him/her to cherish the love between you for years to come.