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    A Complete Guide on Sump Pump Battery Backup

    • 4 min read

    Like other home appliances or devices, the household sump pump generally uses power from the grid. However, many people are wondering if they can add a battery backup for their existing sump pump to provide an additional layer of protection during power outages. The answer is yes, and, in fact, it is easy to install one. This post will tell you all things you need to know about sump pump battery backup and help you choose the top battery backup. Read to find the ultimate backup solution to power your sump pump.

    What Is Sump Pump Battery Backup and How Does It Work?

    A sump pump battery backup is a device that provides backup power sources for your sump pump. It usually has a rechargeable battery and a device that recharges electricity to the battery to ensure it remains ready for use. Some battery backup needs to be recharged by electricity from the grid, while some can gather renewable solar energy with solar panels. The backup battery system can be plugged into the existing sump pump directly. When there is a power outage and consequently a malfunction of the sump pump, the backup battery is ready to activate and input electricity to the sump pump, keeping it functioning.

    Why Should You Prepare Sump Pump Battery Backup

    It is wise to prepare a sump pump battery backup in your house, especially for those who live in a heavy-rain or flood-prone region. The sump pump collects water from the house foundation and redirects it out of your house, ensuring proper drainage and keeping the basement from being flooded during rain and snow thaw. However, the sump pump is not able to run itself when there is a power failure, causing water accumulation and flooding in the basement. In this case, the basement and house foundation could face the risk of structural damage and you may need to spend more money on repairing it.

    A sump pump battery backup ensures the well-functioning of a sump pump during a power outage. With a backup battery to your sump pump, you don’t have to worry about your basement every time there is a power outage, and it saves you time and money that spends cleaning and repairing the messy basement.

    How to Choose a Battery Backup for a Sump Pump?

    Although it’s a backup device, the battery still requires essential qualities to support your sump pump system. It’s critical to choose a backup system that is dependable and effective during emergencies. Here are some key factors to consider:

    1. Battery Capacity: Think about the size of your sump pump and itspower requirements to choose a backup battery system that covers the power consumption of the pump. A battery with a large capacity is recommended because it can keep the pump running constantly for several hours, and 3-5 days when used occasionally.
    2. Recharge rateChoose a backup battery that can be recharged quickly for a high recharge rate ensuring that the battery is always ready for use.
    3. LongService Life: The backup battery system should be a long-lasting device, reducing your cost of frequentlyrepairing or replacing the battery.
    4. 4. User-friendliness: The battery backup should have a reasonable and clear function design, making it easy to install and recharge for non-professional people.

    By considering these factors, you can choose a reliable and effective battery backup for your sump pump.

    Top Battery Backup for Sump Pumps

    When it comes to choosing a reliable battery backup for your sump pump, there are several top options available including Anker. Here we will introduce some power stations from it:

    1. Anker Powerhouse 767

    Product Specs:

    Output: 2400W

    Max Solar Input: 1000W

    Capacity: 2048Wh

    Expansion Battery: 4096Wh


    Long-Lasting Technology

    Fast Charging System

    13 Ports for All

    Portable and Durable

    Hassle-Free Warranty

    With 2400W of AC power, Anker Powerhouse 767 serves as a reliable backup battery and delivers massive power capacity to your sump pump without worrying about running out of juice. Equipped with solar panels of a 1000W input capacity, it can be recharged quickly, making the battery ready to be used at any time you want. Anker Powerhouse 767 has a built-in screen, so it is easy for you to know the real-time power consumption, remaining power, and charging status. What’s more, combine Anker Powerhouse 767 (2048Wh) with Anker 760 expansion battery (2048Wh), and you can get a double power capacity of up to 4096Wh. By incorporating it into the existing sump pump, you can ensure continuous protection against flooding and water damage while there is an outage.

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    1. Anker 757 powerhouse

    Product Specs:

    Output: 1500W

    Solar Input: 300W

    Capacity: 1229Wh


    InfiniPower Technology

    Smart Temperature Control

    Long-Lasting Design

    13 Ports for All

    5-Year Warranty

    Using the InfiniPower Technology, combined with Industrial Grade Electronics and LFP Batteries, Anker 757 powerhouse serves as your reliable backup plan for your sump pump. With a 1500W AC power capacity and a recharging rate of 80% in just one hour, it is able to support full pump capacity and comes in a compact and portable size, making it a good choice for your emergency preparation. Additionally, Anker 757 powerhouse is a build-to-last product and offers an unprecedented 5-year warranty, promising you a hassle-free purchase.

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    Final Thoughts

    It’s definitely the best idea to have a sump pump battery backup to ensure your sump pump keeps functioning under emergencies. Choose Anker powerhouse as your ultimate solution, you will never have to undergo the fears of a flooding basement when the storm causes a sudden power outage, and from now on, you can rest in your room no matter how heavy the rain is outside.

    FAQ about Sump Pump Battery Backup

    How to install a battery backup for a sump pump?

    It is not difficult to install a battery backup like a solar generator for your sump pump, you just need to follow the steps below:

    1. Find a place where the solar panel can be fully exposed to outdoorsunlight to charge the battery. The solar panel will transform the sunlight into electricity and store it in the battery.
    2. When finishing charging the battery,unplug the solar panel and remove your battery close to your sump pump.
    3. Connect yoursump pump to the backup battery with a compatible cable.
    4. Test the battery and thesump pump to ensure they both function correctly.

    How long can a battery backup for a sump pump last?

    Generally speaking, most charged batteries can support roughly 5-7 hours of continuous pumping and roughly 3 days of non-stop pumping. However, the specific runtime of battery backup for a sump pump depends on the battery's capacity, the load of the pump, and the frequency of using the pump with the backup battery.