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    Choosing the Best Surge Protector: Ultimate Guide for Buyers

    • 7 min read

     In today's world of ever-growing electronics and gadgets, the importance of having a good surge protector cannot be overstated. Picture those heart-wrenching moments when suddenly, there's an electrical spike, and all your precious devices are at risk! Fret no more - we're here to save the day. In this comprehensive guide, we'll demystify the enigmatic surge protector and dive head-first into a curated list of the best surge protector with all their pros and cons laid out. To top it all off, we'll arm you with critical knowledge on what to consider when purchasing a surge protector to make sure your beloved devices remain safe and sound. So, without further ado, let's get started!



    What is surge protector?


    A surge protector is an innovative device designed to safeguard electronic equipment from power surges or voltage spikes, which can occur due to lightning strikes, power outages, or faulty electrical wiring. They function by regulating the amount of voltage supplied to an electrical device, either by blocking or redirecting any excess voltage to the ground. Surge protectors come in various forms, including power strip with surge protector and multiple outlets, standalone devices, and built-in protective features within electronics.


    In addition to protecting electronic devices from potential damage or complete failure, surge protectors also serve to extend the lifespan of these devices. Many contain additional features, such as noise filtering to improve the performance of connected equipment or USB ports for charging mobile devices. It is essential to choose a surge protector with a sufficient joule rating, which indicates the energy absorption capacity of the protector, in order to effectively shield your devices from voltage spikes.


    5 Best Surge Protector 


    1. Anker 727 Charging Station


    The Anker 727 Charging Station is a compact, high-powered 6-port strip capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously with its 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A and 2 AC outlets.

    This station is superfast and supercharged. With a maximum output of 100W, it can charge virtually any device, including phones, tablets, and even a MacBook Pro 16", which can be charged to 50% in just 43 minutes. But what really sets the Anker 727 Charging Station apart is its slim and space-saving design. At only 0.7 inches thick, it's about the size of an iPhone 13 Pro Max, making it incredibly easy to pack and travel with.

    Moreover, it incorporates our ActiveShield™ 2.0 technology, which boosts protection by smartly managing temperature and fine-tuning power output to shield your devices.

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    1. Anker 525 Charging Station


    The Anker 525 Charging Station is a versatile 7-in-1 solution, allowing you to power up to 7 devices simultaneously. With 3 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports, you can charge your phone, notebook, smartwatch, earbuds and any other device at high-speed, all at the same time. Equipped with our innovative ActiveShield 2.0 technology which intelligently monitors temperature over 3 million times per day and adjusts power output to ensure your connected devices are safeguarded against any potential damage.  The Anker 525 Charging Station is designed to simplify your life and make everyday tasks more convenient, because the AC outlets are located on the back of the charging station, minimizing clutter and creating a sleek and organized space on your desk. This allows you to direct power cords behind your desk while easily accessing to the front-facing USB-A and USB-C ports.

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    1. Anker 647 Charging Station

    The Anker 647 Charging Station has an impressive 10-in-1 power capacity, which allows you to charge up to 10 devices simultaneously. It features six AC outlets, two retractable USB-C cables, one USB-C port, and one USB-A port. This capability is ideal for people who need to stay connected in conference rooms or at workstations. Moreover, it offers a convenient and easy way to charge your devices with its built-in retractable USB-C cables. You can simply pull out one of the cables and plug it in without any hassle. What sets the Anker 647 Charging Station apart is its high-speed charging feature. The built-in USB-C cables, USB-C port, and USB-A port offer a total output of 100W. You can connect your device to the first USB-C cable and charge it up to 60W, or choose the second USB-C cable and charge at up to 45W, that means you can charge multiple devices at a faster rate.

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    1. Anker 615 USB Power Strip

    The Anker 615 USB Power Strip is one of the best power strips on the market now! It boasts a 5-port design, which includes two USB-C ports with fast-charging abilities, two AC outlets, and a USB-A port. This means you can simultaneously plug in multiple devices, saving time and space. One of the most remarkable features of this power strip is its high-speed charging capability. With a 65W USB-C output, the power strip provides enough power to charge a wide range of devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and more. In fact, it's even possible to charge a MacBook Pro 14" up to 50% in just 37 minutes. Space-saving and portability are also key factors that make the Anker 615 USB Power Strip stand out in the market. Its compact design  making it ideal for use in the office, at home, or during travel. ActiveShield 2.0 technology monitors temperature and ensures that the power strip is always at a safe temperature range. Additionally, it features GaN technology, which creates a power strip that is both safe and powerful, providing peace of mind when it comes to power surges and overheating.

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    1. Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station

    The Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station is not just a standard power strip - it is a revolutionary device that combines the latest charging technologies to provide a truly remarkable charging experience. With a built-in magnetic charging pad that allows you to snap your iPhone 12/13 magnetically into place, you can enjoy safe and effortless wireless charging. Secondly, the Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station is an 8-in-1 powerhouse. It features two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and three AC outlets, making it easy to power up your entire desktop with one device. Furthermore, all the ports are located at the back of the device, which allows you to direct your messy cables behind your desk while keeping the clean and tidy magnetic charging pad facing forward.

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    What to consider when buying a surge protector?


    When buying a surge protector, several factors must be considered to ensure the right choice for your needs. Here are some:


    1. Joule Rating –The joule rating indicates the amount of electric energy the surge protector can hold/absorb before it fails. Higher joule ratings mean better protection for your electronic devices. Look for a protector with a rating of at least 1000 joules for basic protection but consider 2000+ joules for more valuable or sensitive equipment.


    1. Number of Outlets –Determine how many outlets you need to accommodate the electronic devices you want to protect. Surge protectors come in various sizes and capacities, so choose one that fits your requirements.


    1. Clamping Voltage –This refers to the voltage threshold at which the surge protector will redirect excess voltage away from your devices. Lower clamping voltage indicates better protection. Common ratings include 330V, 400V, and 500V. Aim for a protector with a clamping voltage of 330-400V.


    1. Response Time –A good surge protector should have a fast response time to effectively protect your devices from voltage spikes. Look for a response time of 1 nanosecond or less.


    1. Warranty and Equipment Protection Policy –Choose a surge protector with a warranty and an equipment protection policy. This can cover the cost of replacing damaged devices if a surge occurs and the protector fails. Check the terms and conditions of the warranty and policy before purchasing.


    1. Indicator Lights –Look for a surge protector with indicator lights that show the status of the protection, grounding, and power. This can help identify when the protector is functioning correctly or if there has been a loss of protection.


    1. Cord Length and Placement –Consider the length of the surge protector's power cord, the placement of the outlets, and the overall design. This ensures your devices can be connected and placed conveniently in your desired location.


    1. Extra Features –Some surge protectors come with added features such as USB charging ports or rotating outlets for flexible plug arrangements. If these are useful for your electronic setup, consider them when choosing a protector.




    Indeed, although surge protectors may be overlooked in the grand scheme of tech gadgets, they're silent guardians, always ready to parry the occasional rogue voltage spike that threatens your electronic equipment. Their sophisticated technology turns the unpredictable into the predictable and the potentially damaging into the mundane. Moreover, with the advancement in design and features, surge protectors are ready to meet the demands of modern, bustling lives, proving that they are not just protectors, but enablers too - providing efficient, simultaneous charging for multiple devices along with superior protection. So, the next time you invest in electronic equipment, remember that added protection will gain with the best surge protector.




    Here are some commonly asked queries about the best surge protector.


    How much should you spend on a surge protector?


    The amount to spend on a surge protector depends on the value of the devices you intend to protect and your individual power needs. Typically, a good quality surge protector can range from $15 to $100. It is recommended to choose a good & reputable brand with good warranty coverage, a high joules rating of at least 2000, and certification from safety organizations, such as UL or ETL.


    H3: How long will a surge protector last?


    The lifespan of a surge protector varies depending on its usage, quality, and the amount of power surges it encounters. Generally, the best power strip surge protector lasts for around 3 to 5 years. However, it's essential to monitor the indicator lights to check if it's still providing surge protection, as repeated absorption of surge energy gradually reduces the protector's effectiveness.


    Do you leave surge protector plugged in all the time?


    Yes, you can leave a surge protector plugged in all the time as long as it's in good working condition and properly rated for the intended devices. Keeping it plugged in ensures that your connected devices are continually protected from power surges and fluctuations. However, unplugging a surge protector during thunderstorms or long absences can offer additional protection from unexpected electrical events.